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KIA CHEMIE SAHAND CO (POOSHESH TEYF KIA CO) with the brand name of  KIA powder coating with it's quality and products variety adds new values to the powder market. It differs from the other companies with it's ability to satisfy the client's demands in a short lead time, with the customer satisfaction caused by after-sale technical support in the field of polyester, epoxy/polyester end epoxy based coating production in a wide range of colors, from RAL to special effect design fort the internal and international market. Having closest look to the technological improvements it's experienced technical personnel is always after the new things .With it's research and development department it has a special place in the coating market.Powder coating is an environmentally clean coating system. Solvent don't come out as it is while using wet paints. While all of the powder is used during the coating process no solid waste is produced too. In this way in the environmental and also economical point of view it adds a lot of advantages. Powder coating offers the best solutions when performance and quality is a requirement.


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