1) Metallic Powder Coatings

2) Antique Powder Coatings

3) Wrinkle Effect Powder Coatings

4) Textured Powder Coatings

5) Turtle Effect Powder Coatings

6) Sublimation Heat Transfer












Polyester Powder Coating
This series of product also call weatherability powder coating or outdoor type powder coating, that is mainly made of saturated polyester resin and curing agent. It has excellent performance in high-intensity ultraviolet ray and high moisture environment, good physical and mechanical property, outstanding temperature resistance and chemical resistance.
1.Standard curing (200C/10min) and lower temperature curing is available
2. Made to various of gloss and color: high gloss (Above 86º), flat gloss (50~85º), semi gloss (10~49º)and no gloss (below 10º), gloss and color of product is made according to clients requirement.
3. Various kinds of art texture products are available, such as sandy, wrinkle, Antique, metal effect, etc.
4. Special standard of product is available according to clients’ requirement, e.g.: RoHS Standard, ASTM963 Standard, etc.
This type of product specially designed for the outdoor metalwork that require good performance in the environment of high-intensity ultraviolet ray and high moisture, such as construction molding, advertisement board, outdoor metal furniture, lamp pile and fence in highway, etc.
Physical Property
Proportion: 1.4-1.8ɡ/㎝³ (varies with different color and gloss)
distribution:  average particle size is 30~38um, adjusted as clients required.
Performance of Coating Film

Testing Items Standards and Methods Result
Impact strength test GB/T1732-1993 50kg•㎝
Adhesion(cross-cut) GB/T9286-1998 Class 0
Bend test GB/T6742-1986 2mm
Pencil hardness GB/T6739-1996 1H-2H
Salt spray test GB/T1771-1991 >500 hours
Humid heat test GB/T1740-1979 >1000 hours, gloss slight loss
Weatherability test Acceleration light aging test QUV-B13,240h
(60℃*8hUV,50℃*4h condensation)
Gloss Retention ≥ 80%


1. All above tests are using 0.35mm cold rolling sheet. The thickness of film is 50-80um.
2. Performance of film may slightly decrease with decreasing in gloss.

Carton packing with liner of double polyethylene bags. 20 Kg net weight each.
The product must be stored in ventilated, dry and clean room with temperature below 30℃, no close to fire and other heating source, avoid direct sunlight, outdoor stacking is prohibited. The period of validity is 12 months under above conditions; expired products can not be used unless re-testing meets the utilization standards.
Health and Safety
There are no hazardous ingredients in all materials of powder coating. Wearing anti-dust mask and goggles to avoid inhalation of dust and try best to avoid longtime contact with powder coating. The coating adhesive to the skin can be washed with soap.
The performance of powder coating may have deviation in different conditions, please contact our engineers for suggestion.


Thermoset powder coating based on polyester resins and epoxy resins.
* Good bond ability and mechanical performance.
* Smooth and glossy.
* Excellent chemistry properties and corrosion resistance.
* Good heat resistance and light resistance than pure epoxy powder.
Field of application:
Coating and decoration of metal (steel or aluminum) items for indoor items such as automotive accessories and underbody, electrical appliances, metal furniture, computer bodies, refrigerators etc.
Product availability:
*Color: Various
*Gloss Range: 2-95% (smooth surface at 60 degree angle)
*Surface:Smooth and special finish (texture, wrinkle, hammer etc) for all kinds of gloss
*Density:1.4-1.8 g/cm3
Film characteristics:
Epoxy/polyester powder coating are ideal for interior decoration and for anti-corrosion protection of parts or finished products, which do not have to withstand outdoors conditions.

Properties Test Method Value
Impact ASTM D2794 50kg.cm
Flexibility ASTM D522 <1/8 inch
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 H-2H
Adhesion (cross-cut) ASTM D3359 Gt0
Erichsen ISO 1520 >6mm
Salt spray ASTM B117 >500H
Humidity resistance GB/T1740 >1000H

Curing guide 180°C/20min or 190°C/15min or 200°C/10min.
Packing: Double PP bags, N.W 20kg/carton.
Shelflife: 12 months within 30℃,avoid direct sunlight.


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